Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woo Hoo, back on line.

G'day. Yes, it's true. I am excited to have my computer back. I keep my fingers crossed it doesn't abandon me again. I really am lost without it. Though hubby did say that the house has never looked better since it has been gone (he did say he was only kidding !!!). I really have got stuck into the housework and have managed to get some sewing done as well, which has fallen by the wayside lately as most of my sewing stuff is now packed and ready for the move. We have three weeks to go and all is on track. Hubby has been busy in the machinery shed, sorting things out and throwing things out and some of the shelves there are now bare which is a good sign. There are a few more things that I have to pack up here in the house and that's it.  My son is visiting for a few days to help me prune the roses. After breakfast this morning we will be out in force to get the job done and what we don't finish today, tomorrow should see the last of it. It's lovely having such a large garden and all that it entails, but this time, what with other things happening, friends from interstate staying with us for nearly a week and even a friend from the UK over to visit and packing etc and I also work, it has all gotten away from me. Usually I prune the roses over a few weeks on my days off work and weekends etc, but this time it has not happened. So I had to call in reinforcements in the shape of my six foot six inches son, who thankfully has a green thumb and knows how to prune roses and could take a few days off work to help out his poor old mum,but who did say to me yesterday while we were working out our plan of attack "Mum, just as well you won't have the room to plant so many roses in the new garden"  I just smiled....  I console myself with the knowledge that it will be for the last time, though to be honest this is a sad thought. I did make a start on a few last weekend and ended up with so many scratches and thorns in my fingers and a torn shirt to boot, that I was thinking maybe no more roses might be a good idea, but I do so love them and a vase of beautiful blooms looks wonderful. Oh well, I can hear movement about the house, hubby and son will be converging in the kitchen for a hearty breakfast, ready for the tasks ahead. The photo is of our gorgeous little boy "Lucky" I had just bought the pet bed that day from the book (an other things) club that comes to our work and I threw it up on the spare bed after our guests had left to continue their travels and Lucky jumped in it straight away, he seemed to know it was for him, he just loves it. Take care. Liz...

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  1. Rose pruning? My, I remember those cold February days when I ventured to prune my roses and got myself a great many scratches and one of them got infected. Good luck.

    p,s, we wait for the end of winter to prune roses.