Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A passion for sewing and other things.

G'day. I will start this off by saying a big 'Thank You" to Rosaria and Broad for their always much appreciated comments on my blog. Broad you have asked when the big move is, it's the 19th of July. Still some weeks away yet, but the time is just moving along at a decent clip and it will be here before we know it. I am about to continue the theme of all about me, so close this page now if you don't want to read any more. My mother taught me to sew on my grandmothers treadle machine which I still have and does still sew, if I was so inclined to use it, but I'm not and other than learning on it when I was a kid, I don't think it's been used much since. My heart belongs to my new sewing machine that does every thing my heart desires, well in the sewing department of my heart that is. If only I could teach it to do housework...... When I got my first job as a receptionist for a car company I couldn't wait for payday. I was on a mission to buy a sewing machine and I can still remember my excitement at that purchase and racing home to try it out. That machine stayed with me for many happy years and over the course of that time I married, started a family and made the usual assortment of clothes for hubby and kids and myself. Somewhere along the way that novelty wore off as the kids got older and didn't want my home sewn clothes, but that was ok as I turned my talents elsewhere and I started patchwork and quilting, which to this day I still love with a passion. Oh, there were other hobbies along the way. I tried folk art painting, porcelain dolls, painting ceramics, paper tole, knitting the odd jumpers here and there and various other crafts, but the sewing was always lurking in the background. All beds here have quilts on them that I have made, throws on chairs and couch, cushions abound everywhere, even our kitchen table has a patchwork tablecloth on it, dolls and teddies sit here and there and peek out from behind things or may share a couch or chair with visitors. I make all my own handbags and have been lucky enough to sell some bags and have in the past made a bit of play money.  I guess you get the hint that I love to sew. The cushion in the picture is one I made some time ago. I am in the process of making one the same for a friend who just totally loves gollies and has had a lot of sad things happens to her and her family over the last few years. I hope it will bring a smile to her face when she sees it. Take care. Liz....


  1. Wow! You really seem to be a crafty person. I wish you weren't on the other side of the planet...I could use some lessons on my machine.

    By the way, what are "gollies"?

  2. I just love how you put your heart and soul into your projects, you can tell from your writing that you truly love the things you are doing, very nice work by the way ( cushion ). Never worry about talking about yourself, it's your blog and you are what matters, that's why I read your blog because it's about your life, but you balance it well and never come off conceited in any way, and I just wanted to say thanks again for giving a bit of a kick to the side about me not posting, blogging is too important to me to just stop because of main, thank you for reminding me of that, it's nice to know someone is wondering where I am, because most of the time I just hide inside my own head, thank you for being a friend.

  3. Hello there
    You certainly keep yourself busy don't you! Love the golly cushion - naive style is still quite popular so I'm sure your friend will like it.
    Thanks for dropping in and for the 'follow'. There are a lot of aussie bloggers out there, If you are interested there are a few listed in my sidebar you could checkout
    Take care
    Still Waters