Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I"m on a roll, so lets keep going.

G'day. As the title says, I'm on a roll, so lets get things moving. First up let me just say that if this is boring and you think I should quit while I am ahead, please, please let me know. I do not offend easily and besides you all live too far away for me to do much about it anyway ! I finished the first part about ME, by saying  our health worries contributed to our decision in selling our beautiful property and moving into town. I will get around to telling you about that at some stage but I am not quite finished talking about myself just yet (Conceited, aren't I?) well that's just too bad.  I am a hoarder, always have been, always will be. I collect the wishbones from chickens when I cook one ( not my chooks, by the way) and make hubby put his little finger on one side and mine on the other and pull it apart and make a wish. My mum believed this worked, but I am not so sure, but I do it anyway. If I see the evening star, I make a wish, can't say this has worked either, but I am not taking any chances. I pick up paper clips, rubber bands, safety pins etc, etc and add them to the others I have collected, after all you never know when they might come in handy. I like to cook, but confess that I am not going to be giving Nigella Lawson a run for her money just yet and there are no TV crews knocking on my door, ready to make me a star. I am very much into the shabby chic look at this present time, soft blues, pinks, pale greens and soft yellow are my favourites. I am a winter person, hate the summer with a passion, give me the cold anyday, though if I lived where the temperature was extreme I might change my mind quick smart. I love animals and have had many over the years, our pets consist of the lovely chooks, Tilly, Pippa and Bella and our beautiful dog "Lucky". This little boy is the light of our lives. He was an abandoned dog and we adopted him and named him Lucky, though to be honest we are the lucky ones to have found him. We have had him four years now and have so much fun with him, he is just simply a pleasure to be with. The above photo was taken only a few days ago. Take care...


  1. You remind me so much of my oldest and bestest girlfriend who lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts! Not because of anything specific, but it's the way you describe your life and thinking! God bless and keep it up!

  2. Ah, you'll have fun sorting and classifying and packing and giving away, and re-packing. When we retired we gave everything away to our children except our books and a suitcase of clothes. We moved 800 miles away and began slowly to purchase what we needed.

    Ten years later, the house we live in, a cottage by the sea, is spilling out with furniture and dishes and pots and pans and books and...
    People and their things!

  3. What is your winter like there? Is the summer incredibly hot? I always think of Australia as hot, though I know that is a stereotype. It is a large land mass and must have many different types of weather and flora.

    Your pooch is cute. We just have a cat now. Our dogs got old about the time our daughter flew the nest. We are quite timid now about taking on any long term responsibility. We like our empty nest!