Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friendship, usually always great, though sometimes things go wrong.

G'day. My friend  left about an hour ago and to be honest I was glad to see her go. We have know each other for a few years and even though the distance is not that far between our respective towns, we don't catch up all that often. Today I had a visit from her and while we have a lot of common interests and get on really well and are always pleased to see each other, today a shift in our relationship was created and the reason was the old wagon wheel in the photo. I have had this wheel for many years, it used to sit in front of a large tree just inside the front fence beside our front gate and was always commented on when anyone visited etc. We moved it to the side of the house some weeks ago which was when I took this photo.I don't know the age of the wheel, but my guess is that it's quite old, the wooden spokes are still all there, though weathered and aged as you would expect, but it's a great old wheel. This is one thing that is coming with us to the new house. My friend Jane has always coveted this wheel and today she made a great song and dance about how good it would look in her garden and that she had just the spot for it and that it would be going to a good home etc, etc. I made the mistake of saying that I wasn't sure where it would go at the new home, but that no doubt I would find somewhere fitting for it. Over the course of a couple of hours I had to listen to Jane going on and on about how she wanted the wheel as she has always loved it, she even became a touch nasty at one stage saying that if I was her friend I would give it to her and when that didn't work she offered to pay me for it. I made light of all of this throughout the time she was here, but actually I was seething inside at her cheek and I was starting to get very annoyed at her whining. Hubby made the mistake of coming inside for a cuppa and Jane seized this opportunity to ask him for the wheel while I was in the bathroom and  thinking that maybe I didn't want it, told Jane that she could have it. The look of triumph on her face when I returned from the bathroom would have knocked my socks off had I been wearing any. I am not usually a nasty person or prone to violence, but I'd had enough and this was the last straw. I told both hubby and my so called friend in no uncertain terms that the wheel stays with me and moves with me and that I didn't want to hear another word on the subject. Hubby didn't wait for that cuppa, he said he had a cow that had gotten into another paddock and he's better chase it out, he wasn't sticking around to see the fireworks. My friend got in a major huff and said she couldn't understand why I was getting upset about a silly wheel and that she didn't realise it meant that much to me and after all it's only a wheel. My final comment on it was that it's my wheel. My friend left in a huff but I still have my wheel. Hubby has yet to reappear !!! Take care.


  1. Oh No! You couldn't avoid this, as she just wasn't going to take no for an answer. Good riddance, I say. She's way too pushy.

  2. Hey it's your wheel, and she nor anyone else has the right to try and determine or undermine what an object means to you, see I myself love antiques so I understand your anger when someone tries to fleece something out of you, and to go as far as invoking a friendship well, that's just too much.... on the other hand it is a nice wheel and it would look good on my wall.....just kidding....GOT YA

  3. G'day Dave. Oh no, not another friend who wants my wheel !!!!.Just as well you live on the other side of the world. LOL. Thanks for your comment. I haven't lost any sleep over it and I still have my wheel and I have lots of other really good friends. Take care. Liz...