Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still home and enjoying it.

G'day.I am not back at work yet and I can honestly say that I am enjoying this time at home. Yes, the wrist is still playing up, though not quite as bad, if I am careful with it, it doesn't give me too much trouble. It's 8.14 am Monday morning here as I type this. Very cold here at the moment and the wind has just started blowing a bit, but the sky is a beautiful blue and the sun is shining and it promises to be a lovely day, though by the weather forecast it will remain a cool day.We have the wood heater going and have done so now for the last week or so. I have spent a bit of time over the weekend raking up all the leaves that have fallen from the trees and using it along with a few other things added, as a mulch for the garden beds.I look out of my window here in my sewing/computer room and know that in another eight weeks or so the sight that will greet me will be vastly different from what I am seeing now. Now I look out onto one of the large paddocks and I can see the dam and the biggest of the concrete tanks that sits not too far from the house. I can see the garden bed that hubby and I made some years ago that runs along the length of the fence that separates the house yard from the paddock and just the other side of that fence are the towering trees whose remaining leaves are gently falling with the wind rustling through the now mostly bare branches.I can also see the natives bushes that we planted in beds on either side of this rooms window, that are now reaching upward and in full view, their lacy delicate foliage blowing in the breeze. I have been realising more and more lately how hard it will be to leave here. Last Friday another of our old farm implements that was used as a garden ornament was picked up by the man who bought it from us and he had driven a few hours to get it and he commented on what a great place we have here and how picturesque it is etc, etc and while I was listening to him I felt a lump in my throat and a feeling of sadness envelope my heart and when he was gone hubby and I made some sandwiches, hopped on the quad bike and went up to our ridge line and had a mini picnic and talked about how good it will be not to have all of this work here anymore, how we will be able to see a bit of our beautiful country and not have the general worry of what's happening back home when we are not there, but, even though our life will be a lot easier,I was not able to shake the sadness. My sewing/computer room at the new house will look out onto a garden area that at the present time has been neglected, but we will replant it and have it looking lovely. I am not in the doldrums anymore, the packing has resumed, the excitement of a new home is very appealing, the thought that we can travel a bit, a new garden to plant out. We intend to get new carpet and drapes throughout the new house and this morning I go to the carpet shop in town  to have a look at what they have.Luckily the owners of the house have moved out and they have said that we can get the carpet and drapes done whenever we want. So it's not all doom and gloom. I will shed a tear ( maybe many) when we go, but I am looking forward to the future. On another good note, my three lovely chooks are now getting along great. I let them all into the paddock for the first time on Saturday and even though they were a bit hard to get back into their run at dusk,all was well and yesterday evening they went back on their own. So all's worked out good on that front. The picture is of part of the cottage garden that I planted some years ago. It's a bit untidy at the moment and I will have to clean it out some. The angel and pedestal was a goodbye gift from my former workmates in my last job. I cherish it greatly. Take care...

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