Monday, May 2, 2011

Friends for Tilly

G'day. Tilly has her new friends, not that she is entirely happy about it. In other words she hasn't rolled out the red carpet for them, but then again I didn't really expect her to. Meet Pippa on the left and Bella on the right. They are about seventeen week old and won't start laying for another eight weeks or so. With a bit of luck before we leave here we may get an egg or two from them, but I'm not holding my breath. You would think that because Tilly has been on her own for some weeks now, that she would welcome some friends to associate with and to snuggle up on the perch with on these cold nights, but no, not at the moment anyway and probably not for some days. As is the way with chooks, the old girls don't take kindly to new kids on the block. Tilly will give them a hard time for a while, but then she will realise that they are not going anywhere and that she is stuck with them and before you know it, they will all be the best of friends. They will have to stay in the chook house and the run for about four to five days, so they get used to it before I let them in the paddock and the good thing about this is that Tilly has to stay in there as well and that means no chook in the garden for a while. I do hope Pippa and Bella are good girls and not easily led astray by Tilly and that they know when they are on a good wicket and keep to the paddock side of the fence.Over the next few days I will start to handle them a bit, always good to be able to do that in case you need to pick one up for any reason. Well Tilly better get her act into gear and look after these two pretty soon as I just know that there is a chopping block here somewhere..... Just kidding.
Take care...


  1. I always thought it would be fun to raise chickens. They may not get along with each other? Who knew!

  2. I think you are so sweet to be taking such care of poor Tilly and her lonliness and getting ready for the big move, too. How is all that going?