Thursday, April 28, 2011

A good day for a Royal Wedding.

G'day. I, along with millions will be watching the Royal Wedding on the TV when it is broadcast tonight our time, here in my part of Australia. I have heard so many people here talking about it over the last day or so and while I was in the supermarket this morning I overheard two ladies telling the cashier that they were going to get dressed up, have the champagne at the ready and generally settle in for a good night to see a piece of history in the making. My friend at my work told me she was going to put a bow tie on her dog and together they would be comfortable on the couch and that her hubby could get his own tea, she wasn't budging. I thought about the bow tie, my hubby has a bright red one here and I wondered if our little dog would like to wear it tonight as it will just be him and I  on the couch as my hubby definitely won't be sitting with us watching a wedding, Royal or otherwise. Though unlike my friend I will be cooking us a meal. I have decided to mark the occasion with Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. I have never tried the puddings before, either to eat or to cook. Hubby has been to the U.K  in the past and has told me about them, so I thought I would give it a go. I figure there is no harming in trying, mind you, it may be the first and only time I make them. As for the bow tie on our sweet little dog, I think I will give that a miss. I am sure he would look cute, but I know my hubby would be calling the men in white coats as he would think I had fallen of my perch!!. The photo has nothing at all to do with weddings, out of my store of pics I could find nothing suitable, so decided to stick with my garden. This is at the back part of the house. I have raked these leaves up numerous times over the last week or so and as I am doing so, they are falling of the trees to pool around my feet, so I have given up for the time being. Our little dog enjoys romping through them, he is just about the same color as the leaves, now, maybe if he had that lovely red bow tie on ..............
May William and Kate have a wonderful marriage and live happily ever after.. Take care.


  1. Yorkshire pudding can be tricky -- it took me quite a while to master. One thing that made it easier is to make individual puddings -- I use a muffin tin and make 12 to a recipe -- they are done when they pop out! And get whatever fat or oil you use in the bottom sizzling hot before you pour in the batter. And if at first you don't succeed -- keep trying cause they really are yummy! Good luck

  2. More on Yorkshires. My recipe: 4oz flour, 10 oz milk -- I use whole milk and water it down because an old Yorkshire woman advised me to! So skim milk would be fine -- , a pinch of salt and even though the recipe calls for one egg -- I use two.

    In the bowl add the flour and salt. Put a well in the middle and add the eggs and blend into the flour. Then add half the milk and beat with an electric mixer until nice and bubbly and then add the rest of the milk and stir until blended. Now let it sit -- in hour is good -- with a plate or other cover. (I know several Yorkshire husbands who are sent outside with the bowl to take it for a walk!!!)It is important to get the fat in the bottom of the muffin tin hot -- you want to hear it sizzle when you pour in the batter! You want enough oil so the bottom is covered and there is enough to swirl around and give a sizzle. And use vegetable oil, not olive oil.

    Oven should be 200C and it takes 40-50 minutes and I turn the pan halfway through. It is possible they could be done a bit sooner so if they look like they are getting real brown they could be done. I always know they are done because if I give them a little nudge they just pop out of the tin -- if any stick them it back in the oven for another minute or two. As I said earlier, they are a bit tricky, but once you get it, it's got!!