Sunday, April 17, 2011

The colors of Autumn are beautiful.

G'day. I was just looking out of the window in my sewing room at the beautiful big trees that are along the fence and realised that autumn has really snuck up on me this year. The leaves are turning that gorgeous shade of red/orange and falling from the trees and covering the ground like a mottled carpet. I usually rake the leaves up in the lawn areas and use them for mulch because leaving them in big clumps on the grass results in having brown patches where the grass has died off under them. I have been a bit slack so far and haven't started raking yet. It's a great time of the year, the garden still looks good and the roses are still putting on a reasonable show, all in all, a lovely season. I am also amazed at how quickly the time is flying by. This coming Friday is the start of Easter and before we know it half a year will have rolled by. Does time really fly because we are getting older or do we lead such hectic lives that it gallops along without us realising it? I go to work Monday morning and before I know it Thursday morning is here and once that day is finished, I know I have another three day weekend and then start the cycle all over again. It just seems like it's all happening too fast. I can think back over the last few years and know that they have flown as well. I hear of something that happened ten or twenty years ago and it only feels as though it were a few years back. We sometimes wish our lives away, like wishing for the next lot of holidays to hurry up and come so we can have that break from work, or wishing of a Monday morning that it was Friday, or in my case Thursday. The list goes on and on. I don't want the time to move along so fast, but I sure know that I can't do a jolly thing about it except make the most of it and enjoy it as much as possible. The picture has nothing at all to do with autumn, but, it does show our gorgeous little dog on the banks of our creek. We had some heavy rain here a week or so ago and the creek was flowing ever so slightly, of course this is nothing compared to the raging flood it was in some months back and we couldn't get in or out of the road. I was also just thinking what pics I will put on this blog when we leave here and thought about all the pics my son and I took while in Europe last year. I won't tell you how many of them there are as it would be enough to frighten anyone. I will say that the Eiffel Tower featured heavily in the French ones!!!! Oh well, I haven't run out of photo's from here just yet... Take care...

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