Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our prickly friends.

G'day. We have had a busy weekend here, have now started packing a few odds and ends. One of the bedrooms (the one I used to call the guest room) has had the bed dismantled and a space cleared for the boxes of packed items that will be stored in there waiting for our big move. Hubby started on two of the sheds that he has had a lot of stuff stored in over the years. These few areas we have attacked are small change when compared with the huge machinery shed, four car garage, workshop and the horsebox, which have had no horses in it for some time, but is used as a storage area, the old dairy, also a storage area and when I say storage areas, they mainly contain car parts that hubby has collected over many years. Hubby is a very enthusiastic classic car collector and also has had the odd motorbike or two. At one stage he had four motorbikes but thankfully now, only the one is in residence. But, I am pleased to announce to all and sundry that I will be having nothing and I mean nothing to do with these areas when it comes to packing, sorting or clearing out. I will be hiding in the house, or maybe a day shopping well away from here sounds good when hubby decides that he better bite the bullet and sort a few things out. Not that he would want me out there in amongst the engines, gearboxes, radiators, and the other assorted bits and bobs anyway, but just in case, I will have to plan my escape well in advance. It's a scary thought when I look at all we (mainly hubby) have collected. Though to give him credit, over the last month or so he has actually started selling a lot of his collection, not the cars of course, but a lot of car parts have found their way to good homes, hopefully this will continue until a lot of those storage areas are cleaned out, though I suppose there are a few things he will just have to keep for a rainy day. The picture is of two Echidna's that visited our garden a few weeks ago, it is not a very good pic I admit and it's hard to tell one end from the other, but it's the best I have. We used to get one that came on a regular basis, though to be honest we were never really sure if it was the same one coming back all the time or not but we named him Spike, so it was a great pleasure to actually see two of them. Of course they made a mess by trying to burrow under one of the native bushes we have growing, luckily it suffered no damage and because of the nasty spikes these lovely animals have, we have a healthy respect for them and wouldn't attempt to move them. They only stayed a few hours, after they had a bit of rest and relaxation they were on their way.
Take care...

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