Saturday, April 16, 2011

Change is on it's way.

G'day. Today we have had the pleasure of meeting the new purchaser of our property. Even though our settlement is not for some time, the lady who has bought our little slice of paradise wanted to come up early and learn all the tricks of the trade etc. To say the least, she was gobsmacked about how all the pumps worked should she need to pump from the dam to a tank or from one tank to another and all those good things that one needs to be able to do. We have a large firefighting pump and tank mounted on a trailer for ease of use and when hubby started explaining it all to her I could see the cogs in her mind ticking over with all the info she was trying to take in. Even I had a headache by the end of it all and I know how to use it. She did say that a few more trips up here will be a must do and I had to laugh as after three and a half hours of being here she looked slightly dazed to say the least. I bet when she got back home she went and had a good lay down. Luckily she has lived on acreage before, though not quite so large and  really did have a decent grasp of what was required, which is a relief. She said she is so excited to be moving here that she is counting the sleeps and can't wait for settlement day.Her enthusiasm was great for us as we have put so much work into getting this place like it is and another bonus is that she just loves the gardens which I am pleased about. I asked if she wanted my poor lonely chook as I didn't know what to do with her and she jumped at the chance to keep her and was planning to get chooks anyway, so I have said that I will buy a couple more because I have been concerned about my girl being on her own and chooks like the company of other hens around them. I can tell she is lonely, the poor love, she has no one to snuggle up with on the perch  and the nights are getting cold here now. She also said that she hopes we visit her quite often as we are always welcome out here, so that was really nice of her. So for us now we will start packing, the house that we have been interested in passed a pest inspection during the week, which was a relief, so it's all systems go now and the time will pass very quickly. The picture is of our front gate leading up the drive to the house. I won't have a drive like this soon, so I am making the most of it all now by enjoying it as much as I can. We were going to put a cattle grid here and remove the gate, but, never got around to it, sometimes it's been a bit of a pain in the bottom when in the rain you have to get out and open and then shut the gate again after you've driven in, but we have survived it and we did make a point of telling Robyn not to leave this gate open or she will be chasing cows and possible the odd bull or two out of the gardens which I just know they pine to get into. I did this only the once some years ago as I quickly had to run up to the house to get something that I had forgotten and thought I would be too fast for the cows that were loitering a short distance away. I pulled the gate shut behind me, but didn't put the chain through and one very smart and fast on her feet heifer managed to open it just enough to get through while the others stood quietly by watching. Well you can imagine my horror to see this ever so lovely Hereford munching in the garden, but she was so dainty on her feet and it was almost as if she was careful not to trample anything, that nothing got damaged. Needless to say she took a bit of persuading to head back down the drive and out of the gate. I never left that gate unlocked after that, if the cows were in sight or not, for a large animal sometimes they can be so quiet sneaking up it's scary. Take care...


  1. Oh I don't envy all the work of packing and moving. Good luck with all of that.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the new place! In the meantime,here is hoping all goes well. And I have to say that sunshine looks terrific -- the weather here in Connecticut this evening is grim and the temperature for the past few days has barely been above freezing :-(

  3. You can feel the connection you have with this place from your words and pics, I'm glad it will be in the hands of someone who will love it as much as guys have, here's to enjoying the next land as much as this one. Raise a vase and plant a few seeds in the honor of the love you have felt for your home.