Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

G'day. Happy Easter to everyone who reads this. I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy chocolate eggs. Hubby and I don't usually buy them for each other, but, last Easter he tricked me and bought me one and of course I was left with egg on my face (pardon the pun) because I didn't have one for him, but I did share. So this time I have bought him one and we will see who has the last laugh so to speak!! It's Good Friday here, late afternoon and hubby is in the machinery shed having a big cleanup and I have been in the house busy packing. We have come to realise that a lot of stuff has to go because we simply will not have room for it. I have sold my mothers beautiful old dressing table to a good friend who I know will look after it. She insisted on paying me for it and wouldn't take no for an answer. She did say that I can visit it anytime I want. She also offered to buy my grandmothers treadle sewing machine. After my nan passed away my mother became the keeper of this and she actually taught me to sew on it. She did have an electric machine but thought it would be fun if I learnt how the treadle worked. Well, I have had the treadle since 1980 when my mum passed away and it takes pride of place in our lounge room here, with various old sewing paraphernalia on it. It is still in working order and is looked after lovingly. Despite not knowing where this will go in our new home, I declined the offer to sell it. It would have broken my heart to part with it as it holds such lovely memories, especially of my mum and I laughing as I tried to  coordinate my feet to work the treadle and to sew something. Mind you I was only about twelve at the time, but the image of mum and I in front of the machine is still strong today and I can still hear our laughter. I have a very vague memory of my grandmother using it also. I know my mum wouldn't have minded about the old dressing table and oddly I wasn't that worried about parting with it, but the treadle is a different matter. My daughter will inherit it one day, though she has no desire to learn to sew on it or any other sewing machine for that matter. So as much as this move is much anticipated for various reasons, I am sad that there are things I cannot take with me. Many of the old farming implements that  we have collected over the years and have strewn  in the garden or in  the front paddock have also been sold, a few of these items were well over one hundred years old. I have been quite pleased though in some respect as everything has gone to owners who appreciate the heritage of some of the pieces. I can only hope they look after them as we have. The rose in the photo is Pierre De Ronsard a stunning climbing rose. We planted this on a trellis wall on one side of the house some years ago and it has just bloomed and grown year after year and is simply glorious when in full flower. I will have to find somewhere at our new home to grow one. Take care...

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  1. So many memories, so much to sort and accomplish. Good luck. And happy new starts.