Monday, April 4, 2011

Had a great weekend.

G'day. On my blog last Friday I said how I was going to do some gardening, well that's an understatement. I worked out there for about four hours and was surprised at the time when I finally decided to come inside. I pruned one bush that had grown extremely large and then did another and that led to another and another and another and before I knew it I had a very large pile of prunings that I carted bit by bit onto a section of lawn so that on Saturday morning hubby could hook the quad bike up with a trailer to cart it all into one of the larger paddocks where we will burn it. I was very pleased with my effort and was also very tired by the end of it. Saturday came and out we went, gathered all the prunings which were then thrown onto a pile with some other stuff from a few weeks back and then it was all burnt. What a difference a bit of work in the garden makes. On Sunday we decided to have a day out, so we went to a town about an hour and fifty minutes from us called Echuca, it is on the Murray River, one of our biggest rivers here in the state of Victoria. The air show was on and it was fantastic, weather was lovely, sky was sunny, but the wind was cool and I got a bit sun burnt. Echuca is a terrific town, you can get on a paddle steamer and do a day trip or have a meal on one that has a night cruise, just a wonderful way to relax, cruising down the mighty Murray River watching the world drift on by. We didn't do any of this, other than go to the air show, but we have spent many weekends at Echuca, lazing near the river and soaking up the atmosphere. We have promised ourselves that when we move house and are settled in, we will go back up there and book a day cruise on a paddle steamer and enjoy all it has to offer. The photo is part of our front yard. In the foreground are a few Poplars that we planted and just behind them are twenty fruit trees and of course the huge towering gum trees that are just magnificent. I never tire of looking at these trees, they are so statuesque. Oh, I will miss these sights!!! Take care...

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