Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shaping up to be another great day.

G'day. It's 7.45am on Friday the 1st of April. Hubby got me "Pinch and Punch"this morning as I was too slow in remembering the first day of another month. Yes, I can hear what your thinking, and yes, we are big kids and yes, it is always fun to see which of us is the quickest to get the "pinch, punch, first of the month", thing in. Hubby has won the last few months, but I will make a determined effort not to be outdone next time. I did  have a bit of revenge by getting him first in April Fool. Nothing too serious, just a bit of lighthearted  "Watch out, don't sit down, there's a spider on your chair" Now we are so used to spiders here, after all we live in the country, surrounded by trees etc, live on a huge farm and see spiders all the time, nothing out of the ordinary for one to be in the house, but, still hubby jumped, only a little bit mind you, but I saw it. Neither of us are worried or frightened by these sometimes hairy creatures, we have seen all shapes and sizes, but sometimes when something is said in a certain tone of voice, or a voice which has the edge of alarm to it, even the bravest of the brave can still be edgy. Needless to say hubby is still talking to me and had a bit of a laugh and I felt a bit victorious by getting him at something, though the morning is early yet and there is still time for him to plan revenge, but, I will be on the lookout.. I can look out of my window as I am typing this and the sky is a beautiful blue already, not a cloud in sight. It is shaping up to be a wonderful day. I am getting stuck into some gardening this morning, usually my Friday off work is my sewing day once the housework is done, but today is just 
 too lovely to be inside and as usual there is always something that needs tending in the flowerbeds. The pic is of part of the backyard, you can just make out a part of the roof of our house in among the green. Take care...

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