Sunday, March 20, 2011

We are still celebrating

G'day. I guess that headings not quite right as we are only quietly optimistic that this time the sale will go ahead as planned. Just had a email from the agent saying that she had spoken to the buyer earlier this morning and everything is on track. So, still celebrating is not really right, but, we are still to some extent on a high. We are going into town late this afternoon to have a real good look at the home  that we have our hearts set on, but, hubby told me when I arrived home from work that the guy who owns the mower shop here in town is selling his house and has suggested to hubby that we might be interested in having a look through it at some stage. It's another option anyway and it won't hurt to have a look. The photo is of the SuperMoon, not a very good pic I admit and I know it doesn't look very super, but then again it was only taken with my poor little digital camera and if nothing else the roses and trees look nice!! I took this at about 7.30pm and the moon did look slightly bigger than normal and it was a lot brighter. I went out a few times before going to bed and took a few more pics of it, but this is my favourite. Take care...

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