Saturday, March 12, 2011

Enjoying some peace and quiet

Oh, it nice to have a relaxing weekend and to know that I still have another day to enjoy it. It's late Sunday afternoon here as I write this and we have just had a nice little storm roll through. It's cooled it down a bit at least and has given my garden a nice drink. It's been rather warm here the last two days, so this cool drop is welcome. Hubby as usual, is outside fiddling around, he has been on the tractor slashing a couple of paddocks that have been a bit overgrown and needed tidying up. I have been just plain old lazy and have managed to stay hidden inside the house, though I did do my bit yesterday and finally got the chook shed cleaned out, not much fun shovelling poop,  uneaten food pelletts and old straw out of a decent sized hen house in the heat, but, it's something I should have done some weeks ago. Hubby beat me yesterday to the ride on mower, he seems to have aquired a liking to doing it, funny that, as it's always been my job. I have a birthday coming up at the end of this week and am looking forward to that, not looking forward to getting older of course, but we are going out for dinner and my son and daughter and their partners etc are comimg up and staying the night with us. They both live a few hours away from me, so it's always a treat to catch up. I will be outside on the night of March 19 to have a stickbeak at the Super Moon that is going to make an appearance. There is a lot of debate as to the possibility that this will affect our weather or could possibly be responsible for the earthquakes that have been happening, anyway I am sure it will be worth seeing and I for one don't intend to miss it. The photo was taken standing up in part of our backyard looking down the drive that winds it's way to our front gate. This expanse of gravel widens out higher up from where I am standing and it's the bane of my life. Another job of mine is weed control and odd bits of grass and various weeds love to spring up in this gravel and I am often out with the weed killer and backpack trying to keep it under some sort of control. It does look nice when it's weed free. Hubby is not allowed anywhere near the weedkiller when it's needed  near or around the house. I figure if I accidently kill something I can only blame myself. Hubby is too gungho when using it.He does get to do the paddocks though, where he can't do any real harm, or if he does I don't know about it.Take care...

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