Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things are looking up.

G'day. Thank you to my friends in blog land who have commented on my last post and have inquired as to why I was not well yesterday. I had a small bout of gastric trouble, must have been something I had eaten and the only thing I can think of was a chicken sandwich at lunch time. I have also taken today off work as a precaution. But will be back on deck tomorrow. Have to be well tomorrow in any case as it is my birthday and some of my work colleague's are taking me out for lunch. There is another reason things are looking up. The estate agent rang me earlier to say the lady who missed out on the property due to a higher bid from the couple  we signed a contract with and then had finance trouble a few weeks ago, is still very much interested and has put in a tentative offer subject to coming back here on Saturday to have another look and to do a bit of measuring for furniture etc. The agent wouldn't tell me the offer as she was in the process of typing it all up and emailing it back to this lady. Also there is someone else coming Saturday afternoon for a look and is also interested, so you never know we may sell yet. The photo is part of the middle section of our back yard. When I took this pic I didn't notice the tractor, I was too busy looking at the flowers and trying to get a good shot of them. All of the pics that I have added to this blog were taken when we put the property up for sale, they are a reminder to us of how beautiful it is here and of all the work we have done. So I was a bit surprised to see the tractor sitting there as it didn't make an impression at the time, but I think it adds to the picture. The aerial on the machinery shed is for hubby to watch the TV that he put in there some years ago, funny thing is when he is in there doing something he very rarely watches it, that's not to say he doesn't have it on as he does, usually if there's a motorbike race or car racing on, you can bet the telly will be on but when I've asked "Who's in front?" he will often say "I don't know I've been too busy to watch!!! He also has a wood heater in there, but usually it will go out as he forgets to put wood in it, because he's so busy, that's his story anyway... The machinery shed is not my concern and I usually only venture there to get the quad bike out or to take him a cuppa or a sandwich etc. He will miss all these little extras but the place that we hope to move to has a four car garage and lots of room in there for him to muck around, though the lovely pics of our property will be replaced with pics of a nice but small garden which should be covered in the first few posts I publish. Oh dear, if that's all I have to worry about I'm laughing aren't I? Take care...

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