Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a great day.

G'day. I have had a great morning at work, even though I usually never work of a Friday, but it was required today. At the stroke of midday I was out of there and making my way to a great little cafe here in town for my birthday lunch with a few good friends. After some yummy food and good conversation I made my way home to do a few things around here and then get orgainzed to go out again for dinner tonight. Just hubby and I tonight, my son, daughter and their respective partners were to come and join us and stay the night, but due to the fact that we have two inspections happening here tomorrow, it was deemed that we make it next weekend where hopefully we will be celebrating the sale (again) of our property. I had a email from the agent before telling me that the lady who is interested will put in an offer provided that she thinks it will be suitable for her to ride her horses around here. She has been here before and checked all that out, but, wants to go through it all over again. Well, hello, we have something like four and a half thousand acreas and the other property that borders ours has well over two thousand acreas, if she can't ride a horse in that, what is wrong with her? But, we have our fingers crossed, sometimes there is just no pleasing people. Anyway I am not going to worry about it and just get on and enjoy the rest of my birthday. The photo is a wider view to the one I put on the blog a few days ago. You can also see the jolly gravel that gives me grief with the weeds that seem to like to grow in it and has me out there on a regular basis with the weed spray and that is only a small portion of the drive to boot. But I know that one day I won't have to worry about it and that I should be still enjoying it all while we are here. Take care...

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