Saturday, March 5, 2011

Starting again.

G'day from beautiful North Central Victoria. Australia. Well, we have recovered from the shock of another sale of the property going kaput. Hard to believe that this has now happened twice, it has taken the wind out of our sails to a certain extent, but we are keeping positive. The agent rang late yesterday afternoon to see how we were and to say once again how sorry she was. She too feels awfull, though it wasn't her fault, she was smart enough to see the interest these people showed in the first place, just a shame that when needing finance, the banks don't always play the game. The agent has assured us that there a few people that have showed interest recently and maybe they can be inticed to pay a visit. We will just have to be patient and wait and see. The house that we were interested in has been taken off the market, but, the guy who owns it has told Ian that he is thinking of relisting it as they have bought another place and have moved to another town, but, to pay his new mortage he needs to sell his former house and that if we want to pay some kind of rent each month, he will keep it off the market and when we finally sell here, the money paid will come off the total cost.It is something to think about. The pic is of Ian and I at my daughters birthday party. After I saw this photo, I decided that a weight loss campaign was in order and have now lost six kilos since early February. Some years ago I went to Weight Watchers and lost a grand total of thirty five kilos, but being a good eater and I really do love my food, I put ten kilo back on, so it was time to do something. Not easy when there is so much yummy food waiting to be eaten, but I know I feel and look better when I am a bit lighter. Take care.

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