Monday, March 28, 2011

Back on line. Woo Hoo

G'day. Well, I have my computer back. It chucked a wobbly on Saturday morning so I raced into town and dropped it off at the repair shop and the guy said it should be ready on Monday, but, it wasn't and when I came home from work yesterday and there was no computer sitting there waiting for me, I felt lost, still I did manage to get some housework done and a bit of sewing. It's amazing how much we rely on these gadgets of modern technology. I have resorted to using my iPhone for emails and checking on my favourite blogs, just so that I didn't miss anything, but, there is great joy now that I have this treasured toy back in it's rightful place. My other good news is that it really does appear that our property is sold. Agent rang me yesterday afternoon with the good news that the buyer said all is going well and her deposit should be in the bank either later this week or on Monday of next week. So it looks like we will be starting to pack soon now, that in itself is a scary thought as we have acquired so much here, but no doubt we will get it done and live to tell the tale. The pic is of part of our back yard not far from the back door, it is one of our favourite sitting areas, we sometimes have our meals out on the seat when the weather is nice, matter of fact we may eat our dinner out there tonight as it's been a glorious day here and the sun is still shining and it's still rather warm. Oh well, I had better go, so many things to catch up on with my lovely computer. Yes, I know, I need to get a life!!!! Take care...

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