Friday, March 18, 2011

Maybe the champagne cork will pop tonight!!!

G'day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I received from my friends in blog land. I do appreciate it. I did have a wonderful day. Have not long arrived back home because of the two inspections back to back we had here today. The agent told us via my mobile phone that the lady who has been interested has put in an offer and signed her part of the contract, but, the agent had to take the second couple to look at another property some distance away and is calling in to see us later this afternoon to discuss the offer/contract etc. So, we still are none the wiser as to what the offer is or if the champagne will be opened tonight. Because we have been there, done that twice now, the gloss has worn off a bit, but if it's a good offer, there is no reason why this sale won't go through. Agent also said that while they were walking around the dam closest to the house, they saw a three foot red bellied black snake, these are not as lethal as the brown snakes we get here, but all the same I wouldn't like to get bitten by one. I asked was Robyn (lady with offer) frightened and the good news is that she wasn't. I guess most Aussie's know that if you move from the city to the country areas that you have to expect snakes.They are a fact of life here in the summer months and we have been lucky, we haven't lost our dog or my chooks and hubby and I have never been bitten by a snake so that's something. The photo is looking down from part of our back yard towards the house. The different shades of green can be quite striking at times. Will be outside to see the SuperMoon tonight and it looks like the sky may remain cloudless which will be good. Take care....

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