Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another beautiful day

G'day. Well we have been blessed with another glorious day here, the whole long weekend has been great weather wise. The storm that passed through yesterday afternoon freshened everything up and it really looks a treat now. I have been out in the garden deadheading some roses and securing one of the climbing ones to the arch that it grows up. Sadly we lost the large standard daisy that was given to us as a present many years ago, it had slowly been dying over the last few weeks, despite giving it lots of water and some fertilizer thinking that that was all it might had needed, but no, when hubby pulled it out, the base of the trunk had all but fallen away. It was a shame as it was a lovely bush when it was in flower, but we have had many good years of pleasure from it. Strange though as daisies are usually the toughest of plants, not many of them lose the battle even in the harshest conditions. Hubby has gone for a ride on his motorbike, he has just about built this bike from scratch and it's his pride and joy at the moment. I've not been on this one yet and after having a mishap on a motorbike some time ago I am in no hurry to sit my bum on the pillion seat of this one just yet. We had a rather large dirt bike here a little while ago and to my utter amazement hubby suggested I take it for a ride down our rather long drive. Hubby never and I mean never lets anyone be in charge of any of the bikes he has had and there have been a few over the years. I think he must have been out in the sun a bit too long that day, it's the only reason I can think of that  would have prompted him to offer. Needless to say I said "thanks but no thanks, it's a bit big for me". I learn't to ride a motor bike many moons ago, but generally leave it to hubby to ferry me around if we go anywhere on one these days, though after the accident we had I struggle to get on one anyway. The only bike I am in charge of here at times is the quad bike which I  have to ride as a necessity to traverse some of our land and I am more than happy to leave it at that. The photo is of some of the camellia trees here in our garden, we have a number of these beautiful  trees dotted around and they sure look great when in flower. Take care...

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