Tuesday, May 3, 2011

glorious autumn

G'day. I am home from work for a few days, have had a very sore right wrist. I had this problem  quite some time ago and it went away after a week or so, but this time it is very persistent and has been giving me grief for nearly two weeks now. My doctor thinks a Carpel Tunnel operation might be in order. I am hoping a couple of days of not doing much might alleviate the problem. Well, the Royal Wedding has come and gone and now the headlines are about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Our Prime Minister has warned Australians that we have to be vigilant, that the threat of retaliation  is a very real possibility. We sometimes feel safe being so far away from the rest of the world, but in reality it is not so.We are just as vulnerable as any other country.Yes, the world is rid of him, but the others fighting for his cause are not just going to throw down their weapons and say "We give up" are they? That's enough about Bin Laden and the baddies of this world. I would much rather talk about my lovely new chooks. Bella and Pippa have settled in nicely, though that naughty Tilly is still giving them a bit of a hard time. It usually takes a few days for the older chooks (though in this case one older chook) to accept any newcomers. I had one old girls some years ago who used to run at the new ones and really peck at them and try to stop them from getting any food, but in the end all worked out ok and they all became the best of friends and this will happen with these three too. In a day or so they will be just a very happy trio of chooks. Pippa and Bella have been keeping together as they know there is safety in numbers, they are not silly. The packing of the house is going well, though has come to a bit of a standstill because of my wrist, but I did get a bit done yesterday and hopefully a few more boxes will be full before the end of today. Sometimes I think the bigger the house, the more stuff you collect.I have been doing patchwork and quilting for some years now and have collected a few hundred magazines over the time and as I am a bit of a hoarder, I have just found places here and there around the house to stash these magazines once the bookcase was full, but that now has all changed. Reality has set in. I just won't have the room for all of them when we move, so I have off loaded most of them to a friend and she can have them stashed all around her house!!! Now I just have to convince hubby to get rid of all his car and bike magazines and that might just be a bit of a battle as he has said "NO, they have good stuff in them" Oh duh, didn't he think my mags had good stuff in them as well? The photo is of a beautiful pair of trees in our back yard that look so lovely with the autumn color of their leaves, this pic was taken a little while ago and most of the leaves are now on the ground, waiting for me to rake them up, which will not be happening just yet.Take care...


  1. You take care of that wrist -- I've had problems over the years and have found ibuprofen and rest works best. However, packing up and moving makes that a rather tall order for you! Probably a good idea to invest in a wrist guard. I collect recipe magazines and a few years ago started going through them and tearing out the pages that had recipes I wanted to keep. Then I put them in those plastic pages and filed them away in loose-leaf binders, which I keep on my shelf with the other receipe books -- I have two, one for desserts and the other for savories.

    Your tales of the "chooks" would make a wonderful series for children's books!

  2. G'day Broad. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. I find that a day at home not doing some packing is a wasted day, even if it's only a small amount, but of course it doesn't help the poor old wrist. I have had a support bandage on it, but doesn't seem to be doing much good. I had to laugh about the recipes, as I have done the same, though I have had a huge clear out of them as well. I would see a recipe and tear it out and in a folder it would go, sometimes never to be made. I really have been ruthless this time around. Yes, the chooks are good fun. I just love them and will be very sorry to part with them. Take care. Liz...

  3. You know Broad is right, you could make a wonderful kids book out of the way you tell stories about those birds, like Tilly and Shack of Kookie Chooks, or Bella & Pippas Chook Circus or Chook Shananegans, I dunno but I know you coud tell a good story. Take care of that wrist. Don't worry too much about the Terrorists remember you have 10 most deadly snakes in the world to protect you.