Monday, May 16, 2011

Still home. Oh, hum.

G'day. Yes, I am still home off work with my sore wrist. It seems to improve, but then I will lift or hold something and then the pain returns, but it could be worse, at least I am in a lovely warm home, the wood heater is roaring as the weather has turned very cold here lately,our nice autumn days have deserted us and it's like winter has come early. I have managed to get quite a bit of packing done and hubby and I have just the essentials in cupboards, wardrobes etc. If we have a influx of visitors, I might have to resort to the use of paper plates !!! Hubby even went through all of his clothes and many have found their way now to the local opportunity shop as have a lot of other things that we really don't need and that someone else may benefit from. Talking of hubby, I was less than impressed when he walked into the lounge room on Saturday with his work boots on and grease on the bottom of them. Our cream fleck wool carpet was not designed for this new pattern added to it. I don't know who got more of a shock, hubby when he realised what he had done or me when I heard him swear loudly and rushed in to see what the problem was and saw the black marks on the carpet. Needless to say I swore as well and hubby got the gist very quickly of who I was swearing at. He at least had the good sense to take the boots off and not do anymore damage and did offer to help clean it up, but with a withering look from me and the threat of bodily harm he retreated back outside, not to appear again for some time, hoping that by then I would have calmed down and that a meal might still appear on the table for him that night. I did manage to get most of it up and with a carpet cleaning man coming tomorrow, I hope the carpet will come clean relatively ok. We were planning on getting the carpet cleaned before we go and will probably still do so, but this has just been a glitch in the works. Hubby never comes into the house with his boots on, they are always left at the back door and after this effort he will be doubly sure they stay at the back door. The carpet cleaning guy has promised me that he will be able to remove every trace of what's left in the carpet, so I have my fingers crossed that he knows what he talking about. He mumbled something about a "secret" spray whose content he could only divulge on the threat of death. I hope such drastic measures are not called for as I don't think  my wrist would hold up and hubby is making himself scarce tomorrow and going to a cattle sale. The picture is part of our garden in our backyard. It is a photo that I have posted on this blog before, but, this is my blog and I happen to like the pic, so what the heck, I thougth I would put it on again. Take care...

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