Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring and my dear hubby is snoring!!

G'day. It's a wet and miserable day here and hubby is firmly ensconced on the couch in a blissful slumber. He came in for some lunch not long ago and decided to have a rest for a bit on the couch, need I say more! In an earlier blog I mentioned about his blunder at walking in on the carpet with his boots on, well thankfully the carpet cleaning guy managed to get the carpet looking like new again and just as well as I really don't know what we would have done, that secret spray stuff that he told me about really did the trick and needless to say hubby has been very careful ever since. All is on track with packing etc, at least from my end here in the house it is anyway, the machinery shed is a totally different ball game . I think hubby is hoping that something magical will happen one night while he is tucked up in bed and that the fairies that live at the bottom of the garden will wave their magic wands and "voila" the shed will be packed and ready to go. I have been dropping hints that he will have to make a start on it soon and he just nods and agrees. We have arranged with the local charity shop to come and pick up some furniture that is not needed any more and they should have been here a few hours ago, but I think the weather has delayed them today. I am just waiting for a break in the rain to run up and let my three lovely chooks out into the paddock, they really are the very best of friends now and it is great to see them socialising with one another. The picture was taken last night, we had a lovely sunset and even though it is not the best of photo's I still like it. This paddock is just across from the side of the house and for some strange reason it's my favourite paddock, maybe it's because my sewing/computer room faces this paddock and I am so used to looking out into it, anyway who cares, I like this paddock. The rain has stopped and hubby is up moving around and it's time to let the girls out. Take care...


  1. I don't envy you your packing up! When is moving day?

  2. Hi Broad. Thanks for your comment. It's the unpacking that I am not looking forward to, as I don't know where everything will go.!! We move on July 18th, still some time to go yet. Take care. Liz..

  3. Oh, I don't envy you all the work and fuss of moving. However, from all the moving I went through, this is a good time to sort, and beautify your furnishings.