Friday, May 27, 2011

Everyone is out to get me, or so it seems.

G'day. I am glad the end of the working week is here and can only hope next week gets off to a good start and stays that way. After the kerfuffle with my friend and MY wagon wheel, I thought the rest of the week would be uneventful, but I was wrong. I was the lucky winner of  an item on eBay,  yesterday, actually I was the only bidder, which from my point of view was rather good, but not so from the owner of the item. The item is a 1950's kitchen dresser, all original and quite a decent size. Yes, I know we are moving and downsizing, but no, I couldn't wait until we moved, sometimes when you see a bargain you just have to go for it, well that's the case here. This dresser is not for the kitchen, it's for my sewing room. I got rid of two items in this room and wanted just one to take their place, hence the dresser,you see, I have a lot of bits and bobs in my sewing room and needed something of substantial size to replace the two cupboards that went to the thrift shop. Anyway, I was so pleased with my win and because it was pick up only I rang the woman who advertised it and she went on to tell me how disappointed she was that out of seventeen people watching it , I was the only bidder and that had she realised that it was going to go so cheap, she would have put a higher price on it. Then she went on to say that it had been in her family since new and it was in perfect condition and was only selling because she was moving to a smaller place and had no room for it (Oh hum, I hope it's not too big for my smaller place!!) and that she felt like she was giving it away. I had the strangest feeling of what was to come and yes, I was right, she asked me would I like to give her more money for it, because she felt cheated. I was dumbfounded and said that she should have started it at the price she wanted if that was the case. I stood firm though and said no, as far as I was concerned I won it fair and square and went on to say that it would be well looked after and I intended to keep it forever. She relented and said yes, that was fair enough and we seemed to reach a truce.  I rang her a hour or so ago and said that it would be picked up by courier next week and she was very short with me on the phone, so I will be interested to see just what happens with this dresser. I wouldn't have the nerve to ask someone for money like that, though it didn't seem to bother her. I don't think the saga of the dresser is over just yet and I won't be happy until I have my hot little hands on it. The photo is looking up part of our drive to the back area of the house yard. Take care...

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  1. This is really unnerving, to win a bid and then be haggled for more money. You ought to report this as it is quite unprofessional.
    HOpe the dresser turns out as good as you anticipate it to be.