Thursday, June 9, 2011

Triplets. They sure are beautiful.

G'day. I have had a few new followers on my blog the last week or so and to them I say Thank you and welcome. This week at work was so busy, that by the time I have arrived home all I  wanted to do was plonk myself down and rest my poor weary feet. I have kept up with the blogs I follow, but haven't had the stamina to post  on my own one. I am so thankful that most of the packing here is done and in another five weeks we will be starting the daunting job of unpacking everything in our new home. Still haven't decided on the carpet we want, though we are hoping to pick up the keys from the agent this afternoon and get the carpet samples and try to make a decision. I am in a better frame of mind today as it's Friday and I don't work Friday's. Yeah..... Also this is a long weekend here because Monday is a public holiday (Queens Birthday) so it's Yeah, Yeah, as far as I am concerned. Hubby has started packing the machinery shed at long last, but to be honest I don't know how it's progressing as I believe that what I don't know won't hurt me !! It's his domain so I am staying well clear. You may remember about the kitchen dresser that I bought on eBay a few weeks ago and the lady wanted me to pay more, well the good news is that I have it home here now. I arranged for a transport truck to pick it up last week and all is well, but it would have been nice if she hadn't complained to the truck driver about the seventeen people looking and only one bidder and how she wanted more money etc, etc,. Thankfully I don't know this truck driver personally and will probably never see him again so I wasn't concerned and my one comment to all of this was " Oh,Boo Hoo" needless to say he didn't say another word about it. Hubby is complaining that "couldn't you have waited to get something after we moved?" My only comment to that was "NO".  I can see the logic in what he said but turned a deaf ear. But, now guess what we are doing on Sunday , we are going to pick up another classic car and do you suppose this car is for me to fawn over and wash and polish and talk to your mates about  and to look at lovingly ? No, no, no, this car is for hubby, to restore at some stage as it's in a bit of disrepair. When I said couldn't it have stayed where it was for another five weeks I was told that "NO" it had to come to us straight away or someone else  may have had designs on it. Not to be outdone I said about how he had commented on the dresser coming before we move and was told "That's different" It must be a male thing, how can it be different for them but not for us? Though to be honest,I have been guilty of using those two words myself in the past so maybe it's a girl thing as well !!!. The photo of the three young lambs was taken only the other day. There are only two properties on our road, the first is sheep, we are cattle and I just happened to have the camera in the car the other day and saw these three gorgeous lambs on the side of the road with their mum. Mum of course didn't want her picture taken and toddled off, but the youngsters were happy to stand still and pose for me. I just love looking at them when I drive down our road, they are so full of life and it's great to see them bounding around. We have had some really cold weather here lately and the nights have been freezing and I think of these poor little souls snuggled up close to mum trying to keep warm. I am sure that some don't make it, but for those that do, at the moment life's a joy and I will very much miss seeing them every year as I will the beautiful calves that our cattle have. Take care. Liz...


  1. I did not know the Queen's birthday is a holiday in Australia -- Strange considering it is not a holiday in the UK!!!

    Men!!! Mine has today informed me that he wants to sell the French house and put a pool in to make it more saleable. I've wanted a pool since we bought the place but he wouldn't put it in for ME!!!

    Hope the dresser was worth the trouble -- sounds like it was! The seller should have put a 'reserve' price on it if she wanted more money -- silly woman!

    Love the picture of the lammies -- to cute...

  2. Hello Liz
    Lovely to hear from you again - thanks for all your comments.
    what a palaver with that dresser - as The Broad said - she should have put a reserve on it. And as far as men are concerned I do believe there's one rule for them and one for us (or vice versa when its in our favour lol
    Take care
    ps I haven't read all your posts yet - are you moving to another property or into town?

  3. Oh, I sense a great deal of work going on in your head, what with all the preparations. You did capture beautifully how it all gets complicated, including purchasing new items that one must have for good reasons, and then move to the new place. Soon, you'll be settled in and have plenty of time to fuss over everything that is new and daunting.

  4. Well now, QuilterLiz, it is one long joy reading you! You made me laugh muchly on a grey rainy night in Northern Ireland in SUMMERTIME! I do hope you'll be spilling lots of this wit and wonder into the strawberry patch- if this really is it then we'll need all the written sunshine we can get!