Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

G'day. It's a wet and cold Mothers Day here in my lovely corner of Australia.But, I have not been deterred and have been busy. Many years ago my gorgeous son gave me this lovely old cupboard.He was at an auction and saw this beauty and thought that I would like it.

It has always lived in my sewing room, but due to wanting a bit more space in said room and a desire to have another cupboard in the laundry so that I can store my towels etc, as the linen cupboard here is rather small, I hit upon the idea of changing a few things around, which if anyone remembers my last blog, I was sitting in the middle of a huge mess because of all the sewing paraphernalia that I had crammed in this old girl and of course all of that had to find somewhere to go.

I never had a desire to paint this piece of furniture, as I liked the natural look of the wood, but, in saying that, with a move to the laundry, the idea of whitewashing it sprang into my mind and that's exactly what I have been doing today. But as usual, it is never just as easy as that. First I had to sand back some bits of varnish that some other owner had put on it and there were some really rough bits that needed attention and all of this was yesterdays job and believe me what a job it turned out to be. It took hours and after depleting most of hubby's sandpaper and not to mention a sore arm, I had the first stage completed.

So today it was on with the whitewash. Not a hard job by any means, despite what the guy at the hardware store told me when I bought the tin yesterday. It is now all finished and in it's place. I am rather pleased with my effort.It has made a huge difference to the old girl. Hubby of course doesn't like the dolls on top of it, but that is where they have always lived and that is where they will remain. As I pointed out to my dearest, he very rarely ventures into the laundry at the best of times, but I did say to him that he is more than welcome to get better aquainted with what happens in there if he has a desire to and then I will reconsider the placement of the dollies.Needless to say, he just gave me "that look" and walked off.!!!

Happy Mothers day. Take care. Liz...


  1. my oh my, you have been those dollies on the top!

  2. Your cupboard is the wash!

  3. Aren't you the clever one Liz! You remind me of my daughter who can take a piece of furniture I would heave on the rubbish tip and make it look like an expensive piece from an expensive store. Well done do you do the whitewash thing? Is it just watered down paint? Does it come off if you wash it later? Looks wonderful.

  4. Hi Liz, great cupboard and I think the dolls look lovely.