Monday, May 21, 2012

What a great surprise.

G'day.I must start this blog by saying a huge "Thank you" to a very talented lady called Amanda from,
  I was the very lucky winner of her give away recently and my fabulous package arrived in the mail yesterday. Aren't I the lucky one? The gorgeous set of owl pins are just divine as is the button brooch and the lovely earrings. They all came in the very useful little bag. I wore the earrings and brooch when I went out for lunch today with a girlfriend and she was very impressed to say the least.The fabric will be put to good use and the little pink notepad is now in my handbag.  Thank you once again Amanda.

I have been having computer problems once again over the last few days. Some time ago I installed Google Chrome on the computer, but never used it, just kept with the original Google homepage. On Friday of last week, hubby bless his heart, hit the Google Chrome button and when asked did he want it as his homepage, he clicked "yes please". Well,just that simple click created all sorts of problems? My email went west, my favourites that I had stored up over some time, were nowhere to be found, my photo access button, just disappeared and now the computer turns itself off whenever it jolly well feels like it. I have the email back now after much hair pulling, not to mention cussing and cursing, the camera disk had to be reloaded to be able to put photos on the hard drive , the favourites I discovered again by mistake, thank goodness. The sudden turn off is yet to be resolved. This is the third time I have tried to finish this blog. I am at my wits end. Hubby will never touch another thing on this piece of modern technology that I have in front of me. It and hubby should consider themselves both lucky that I haven't booted both of them to kingdom come. Even when I press the preview button to look over this blog, the writing doesn't seem as it should be. I do hope you can read it ok !! I had better finish now as I just know that it is getting ready to be nasty again and close itself down. Take care. Liz...


  1. Oh dear.... I have stopped using Google Chrome too - it worked fine for a long time and then something(I presume an upgrade) made it go all weird.
    I'm back on Firefox now, although even that has its moments!

  2. oh snap! I've got one of Amandas button brooches.....exactly the same as yours! twins...

    hope your computer problems get fixed soon...(I never let DH anywhere near my computer without myself or one of the girls to supervise him...don't tell him that though!)

  3. Those owl pins are just fabulous. I have never seen anything like them. All your gifts are so cute. Bad luck about the computer. For a machine they are very unpredictable. Hope it all comes good soon. Ooooh! I am off to try to find some owl pins on the internet

  4. I love the owl pins -- so unusual. I'm sure you will get lots of joy out of wearing them.

    As for Google Chrome -- fingers crossed I've been really pleased with it so far! I wonder what's up -- any way, good luck sorting it out!

  5. I heard that the new blogger interface works really well with chrome - are you still using the old one? I changed to W/P because of issues with 'not' having chrome. Dh says no way but doesn't say why!
    Take care

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  7. First: Who is he? Just running adds? Now to the fun stuff...Not your fun mine I guess....I'm glad you talked about the Google Chrome because it came on my computer and I haven't down loaded it yet...I don't think I will. Sounds like trouble. I never like the upgrades as much as the old ways....gets me to mixed up...old I guess.....Love to read your blog...hope you get your crazy machine fixed.....