Friday, June 22, 2012

Just swaning around.

G'day. I stayed at my sons home last Wednesday night. A good and long standing mate of his was having a birthday party. This mate has not been very well of late, hence my desire to attend. I also made the rather silly option of catching the train down. Son would pick me up at the station.This involved a nearly two hour trip all up, on one of the coldest days we have had so far. I arranged to leave work early and off I went, cursing myself for not taking my car which would have been the warmest option, though not necessarily the quickest one. Hubby had to stay home. Friends from South Australia had rang only two days earlier to say they were visiting Victoria and could they stay for one night and yes, you guessed it, that was the night I wasn't going to be home.

But, to be helpful, I did get a beef and red wine casserole going in the slow cooker before I went to work and all hubby had to do was put the vegetables on and dish up. 

Party went well, everyone had a great time and I was warmly tucked up in bed at about 11.00pm. Thursday morning dawned bleak, wet and cold, but I decided to try to dodge the rain drops and go for a quick walk around the lake that is near to where my son lives. He wisely, was still asleep and warm, not like his fool mother.who was out braving the elements just to get a bit of exercise to work off all the food I had gorged on the night before. But, the highlight of this exercise was seeing the beautiful pair of black swans with their four nearly grown young.It was a spectacular sight and well worth the cold and wet. 

Home on the train on the Thursday afternoon, hubby waiting at the station to meet me, car running, heater going. He reported that the meal the night before was a big hit, guests enjoyed their stay, sorry I wasn't there etc, etc, and maybe we will catch up before they go back. Oh well, it all worked out well in the end, but wait, is it the beginnings of a cold I feel coming on? Did I catch a chill on the twenty minute walk from work to the train station in temperatures that hovered around the 6 degree mark or was it the foolhardy jaunt around the lake that did it, in the wet and cold? Growing older does not necessarily mean growing wiser, at least not in my case. Take care. Liz...


  1. gorgeous swans!
    hope your not catching the lurgie...lots of vitamin c...

  2. Swans are beautiful birds, aren't they? A château near me has a lake with swans and there is always at least one black one - it seems like a film, or poem...

    Love the header, BTW!

  3. Hope you are not getting sick! I keep forgetting you're now in winter, and it can hit you hard if your body is not prepared. Hope you get plenty of rest and get back on your feet quickly.

  4. G'day Liz,
    Hope you are better today. Warm noodle soup helps. It's hard to imagine 6 degree weather when its recording breaking heat here. It is nice to have family and friends to visit and have visit :)