Friday, June 15, 2012

Who's bright idea was it to paint rooms?

G'day. We are in the middle of painting rooms here at the moment. What a nightmare and what chaos we have happening in the house.

Two rooms in the house were painted blue, the rest of the house is cream. My sewing room in the picture is one of the blue rooms and a bedroom is the other. We had talked about painting them since we moved in, nearly twelve months ago, but because of the logistics of moving things around, the painting was conveniently forgotten about, that is until the other day when hubby, bless his heart decided that the time had come and a start had to be made. My sewing room was always going to be the hardest room because of the six by six foot old kitchen dresser that houses a fair amount of my sewing stuff. Also in the room is a very large and heavy solid timber table that hubby made many years ago, this has the sewing machine plus the computer etc on it. Plan of action was get as much out of dresser as possible to make it lighter to move to the centre of the room. Even mostly unloaded it is monstrously heavy, but brave souls that we are, we did it. As you can see, it was all dumped on the bed, but because the other bedroom was being painted as well and was only partially finished  late in the day, the smell of paint was quite strong. We realised we couldn't sleep in that room, so everything from this bed was transferred to the bed in the nearly completed room. There may not look a great deal on the bed, but believe me, it was overwhelming. I forgot how much fabric I had and how many patterns I had accumulated. I can see a big eBay sale happening very soon. Not to be content with painting  two decent sized bedrooms, we painted the bathroom walls and also the laundry.At the moment I am sitting squeezed in between the dresser and the table to write this, while the painting goes on around me. I look forward to having everything back in it's place sometime soon and being able to see two lovely fresh rooms instead of the blue that didn't go with anything. Take care. Liz...


  1. The blue looks great. Once you start doing one project, a whole bunch of them appear before your eyes. We re-did the living room last December, one piece at a time, and we are still not finished. Something always needs upgrading.

  2. You are my idol Liz! I've been staring at my living room wall for the past two years wondering when I'll ever get around to painting it. Not motivated to even look for colors at the moment. I wonder how much someone else would charge me for the job?

  3. G'day, Liz,
    Is the painting finished now? I could use a fresh coat around my house, too. I'm going to get rid of some of the clutter first, so I can see the walls :)