Monday, June 13, 2011

Do You like visitors calling in unannounced ?

G'day. Due to yesterday being a public holiday, we have had a long weekend here, but it's even longer for me as I have today off work as well, not that I am complaining about that, but it would have been even better if the gastric bug hadn't decided to visit me. Oh hum, that's the way it goes and apart from this little set back we have had a good weekend. On Sunday we picked up the classic car that hubby had acquired and we had arranged to call in and visit friends that we don't see all that often due to the distance etc and while I was inside enjoying a nice warming cup of tea and hubby was talking cars as men do, those that are interested in them of course, as both hubby and our friends are (at least the male of that partnership is) anyway Raylene and I settled in for a nice long catch up and during the course of the conversation I mentioned that when we move into town I can expect some of the girls I work with to call in and have a cuppa and chat and I also said that my best friend at work only the other day said how good it will be that I will be living in town, not half an hour out and that she will be around to have a cuppa when she's in town, which is quite often and I said "Please give me a call first" and went on to explain that I am not one for having people call in unexpectedly, thankfully she wasn't offended as a good friend shouldn't be, but I think Raylene was a bit shocked as they have called in a few times without letting us know, you see, they have other friends only a half hour or so from us, so it's been no bother if we were  not home when they come. Then in  comes hubby announcing that it was time we hit the road, car talk was over and so apparently was my cup of tea, reason given that we had things to do (whatever they were, we didn't do them !!!) and it was a two hour drive home, so in saying goodbye's Raylene said that they will come and visit when we are settled, but laughed and said they would remember to ring first, though they both like a bit of fun and I bet they won't call. My mother never visited unless she asked was it ok to call in, as she thought it was rude to just turn up on someones doorstep and I have the same tendency. My mum always said that if the dishes were done and the beds were made that the house would always look clean and she would sometimes leave the vacuum cleaner in sight to give the impression that she was about to use it, just in case that unexpected visitor called in. I am not fussed by people seeing dishes or unmade beds, but I still like to have that notice.  Just one of the things that makes me, me, that is my story and I am sticking to it. Does it bother you if someones turns up without prior notice ? The rose in the picture is Fiona's Wish. I have three of these standards in a row and they are beautiful, though for the first time the true color has not come out, this time all the blooms have been muted and soft, not like the vibrant red and yellow they normally are, but I think this color is so lovely that I just had to take a photo of them. Take care. Liz...


  1. Aye, this is a tricky one! Before chaos of children I like to think I was a gracious hostess, showering hospitality as a sign of the kinggdom where it was open house to all! But I think I just use children as an excuse for not wanting anyone unless I know first! It does help to be able to whizz round whipping his socks and their everything to the top of our bed, but actually I think I just like the forewarning to psyche myself up to be sociable!

  2. In general, I do not mind if friends pop in unexpectedly. But that may be because it does not happen very often! Some of my best memories resulted from spontaneous and unexpected knocks at the door. Having said that there are few people I would be comfortable doing that to -- though, Liz, I was planning to show up at your new house unannounced ... ;-)