Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some sewing completed. Woo hoo

G'day. I started making this bag late yesterday  afternoon. Was still sewing at 9.00pm last night. Still had the handles and the tab to do and then put the lining in, but couldn't stay up any longer. After doing some housework etc this morning, I got back in the sewing room and finished it. It's the first item I have made for some time. Not that I need another bag, as I really don't, but a girl can never have too many bags. Isn't that what they ( whoever they are) say ? I only received the pattern in the mail last Friday, so to have it done so fast is a real achievement for me. I have patterns sitting here that I bought years ago and have not even touched!!  This bag was just a trial run, using fabric that I had here. It turned out rather well, though I think the handles are a tad long. 

The second little bag was started before Christmas last year. I was going to give it to a good friend as a thank you for all the support she has given me over the last 12 months. But, I never got it completed. I had the embroidery panel done and the basics of the bag sewn together, but that was a a far as I got. It has been sitting on my sewing table looking very lost and unloved. The main fabric is a really lovely floral flannel. It is a great bag. I had made one of these bags for myself some years ago,  though it had a garden scene embroidered on the front. I happened to take it into work one day and one of the nurses saw it and asked could I make her one. I ended up making and selling 23 of them to nurses and staff. One is in Germany, one in Thailand and one in Sweden. One nurse asked for three of them. I was well and truly sick of them by the last one and haven't made another one since, until this one. My friend is a sewer, so the three ladies sitting at the table seemed appropriate. I have embellished it with a few beads. 

So I am well and truly pleased with myself today. Not one, but two things finished. I just have to keep the momentum going.
Take care.


  1. Oh, they are GORGEOUS! I love the embroidery! So cute!

  2. Love your projects, Liz! I think I have the same fabric as the front pockets:)
    What a fun embroidery on the bottom bag. It must have been fun to use all those colors. Did you use your embroidery machine to make it? It looks hand embroidered. The buttons are perfect! Great job!