Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just the boy and I

G'day. Hubby has gone away on a "blokey" weekend. Something to do with motorbikes, hanging with your mates, drinking and in general just having a good time. So it's just the little brown dog and I at home.  We are having a good time too I might add. Watched a few videos yesterday, read a chapter or two of a good book etc, etc. The little brown dog keeps looking for his dad. Every time  he hears a car go past, he looks out the window, wagging his tail. I on the other hand, know exactly when hubby will be home so I don't rush to the window, wagging my tail or wagging anything for that matter. As much as hubby will be having a great time, so am I. I am enjoying this peace and quiet. 

Little brown dog jumped up on the bed with me this morning, something he is not normally allowed to do. It was early, somewhere around 5.00am. I was awake and reading. Yes, I know, it's not the time one should be reading, but once I wake up, that's the end of it for me. I don't usually go back to sleep and I am reading a good book. In case you haven't read  The Book Thief, give it a go. I love it. 

It's going to be stinking hot here today as it was yesterday. Somewhere in the low 40's I believe.  So a day inside with the air con on will be in order. I am using my iPad to do this post, working with the Blogger app, that a friend suggested I download,  so am not sure how it will turn out. I can't reposition the photo, which is a bit annoying and I don't think there is a preview button. So I am taking pot luck that all will be ok. My apologies if not. 

Oh well, it is now 6.25am, Sunday morning and I think I will get up and go and turn some sprinklers on and water my poor thirsty garden before the sun decides to grace us with it's hot presence. 

Take care. Liz...


  1. I used to go to work sixty miles from home, to the Antelope Valley, in the desert part of greater Los Angeles, California, where Death Valley reaches temps at night in the 100's. I feel for you.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself with a good book and lovely movies. Hope your weather eases up a bit.

  2. It's rather nice to just 'be', to do things as you need, not to have a timetable.

  3. What a sweet pup! I'm so sorry that it's so hot in Oz! My husband is off to your land very soon. He'll go from freezing to baking!

  4. I'm going to have some 'free time' at the end of the month and am certainly going to enjoy it. Not that I don't enjoy having The Golfer around but its nice to have quiet days with no one else to answer to
    Guess what the cool change came through here this afternoon and it rained and I had to put some clothes on lol Just wasn't in the mood for any more days like yesterday so I was really pleased - so is the garden I think!
    Take care