Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have followers...Yippee

I am excited as I have four followers. Thank you so much . I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write. As my blog name is quilterliz, I thought I had better show you why I call myself that. I have been quilting for some years now and even though it is just a hobby I have in the past sold some of my work, but I find it very hard to part with things that have taken a considerable time to make. The quilt in the pic is now hanging on one of the large passageway walls here at home. In the pic it is draped over a queen size bed, so as you can gather it is rather large and took me many, many months to complete. Quilting and patchwork is popular here in Australia. Getting away from craft, it's very hot here today, a top of 42 degrees is expected where I live in North Central Victoria, Australia. We have had a lot of rain this summer which doesn't usually happen, so it's a shock to get a hot day after all this time, these are the kind of temperatures we get here in summer. When we had the bad bushfires in Febuary 2009 (Black Saturday) the temperature here reaches 45, it was a shocker of a day. One I hope  we never go through again. The worst thing about selling a house is you have to keep it so clean and when that house sits on acreage some of that has to be kept tidy as well, hence me and the whipper snipper,well I was out early this morning before the heat set in and had the whipper snipper going. I don't know what it's called in other countries, maybe a brushcutter!! Anyway the place looks lovely now and now that it does, I bet nobody will want to inspect, isn't that usually the way? Thank you once again to my followers. Bye for now. Liz...

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