Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saga continues..

I have mentioned in previous blogs that we have our property here on the market, well the saga continues. We have had a few people through over the last week or so, one couple came yesterday for their third visit and after being here over an hour they told the agent that they thought the garden was too big for them and would require too much work. Didn't they see that in either of the previous visits? Another couple had come earlier in the week for their second visit, the first time they were here they stayed nearly an hour and a half and had a good walk around the all the paddocks checking fences etc and checked out the house as you would expect someone to do that was interested in buying, well after their second visit which I believe was another lengthy one,they told the agent they don't like the colour of the carpet in the house which is pure wool and a flecked cream colour. They oviously walked around with blinkers on the first time as well !! Another couple came and just loved everything, but there's just one small problem, they haven't put their house on the market yet, which they need to do to buy another and said "Oh, we are not really in a hurry to sell and buy at this stage.More time wasters. Just got wait for the right people I guess.

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