Tuesday, January 18, 2011

'What's a blog?" my friend said.

Was telling my friend at work this morning that I have started blogging, you would have thought I was telling her I was flying to some far away galaxy on a broom stick. I could see straight away that she had no idea what I was on about. When I explained the concept, she said very seriously "Why would you want to do that"? After telling her that it's a good way of knowing what is happening to others out there in the world and what other people on this great earth think  and feel about and that  it is enjoyable, she still thought I was bonkers.I have no doubt that when I go to work tomorrow I will be asked by a number of people about it, because as we all know, word gets around. I was hoping the little light on the answering machine would be blinking when I got home with a message from the real estate agent telling me that there was so many people wanting to look at our house, that she had to fight them off with a stick, but, alas that was not the case, no message from her or anyone for that matter. Bugger.Patience is not one of my strong points, where are all the potential buyers out there, don't they know what a great place this is to live? Yeah, I can hear you asking "If it's so great, why do you want to move?" Well, just because we do... Tomorrow is another day and the day after etc, etc. Plus the novelty of keeping a house super, super clean is becoming a bit wearing. I have been in homes people have had for sale and have realised that some people just don't care if their house is untidy or downright dirty when people come to inspect looking to maybe buy and I vowed that my home would be spick and span, well spick and span might be flying to that far away galaxy on a broom stick shortly! Take care.

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