Monday, January 17, 2011

The pain of selling a house

Has anyone out there experienced the time wasters that come to look at a home you are currently trying to sell? Well it's happening to us. We have had our property on the market for a few weeks  now and on the weekend just gone, a couple came for their third look and low and behold they told the agent it is too small "Oh DUH" How many times did they have to come here to realise that??? We have a four bedroom home, it's a large home and these people have one child a boy aged 17. We have also had a couple turn up at our front door, not once but twice to have a gig, the last time they came was three nights ago when we were getting ready to  have our tea, my husband was not impressed to say the least and some of the words expressed turned the air blue. I told them the first time that they needed to go through the agent, but they won't listen. I relented and showed them through and yes I admit that I am a coward and haven't told the estate agent about this, I imagine her wrath would be more than I want to handle. But, we continue the saga and wait for the next ones.

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