Sunday, January 30, 2011

Part of my front yard.

G'day. This pic is of a part of our front yard, my husband made the seat for me a few years ago.When the tree on the right has all it's leaves, it's a great spot to sit. It's a scorcher of a day here as the weather man told us it would be. It has topped the 42 degree mark, but, thankfully there is no hot wind to make it worse. After a couple of days like this, the garden will look a bit worse for wear and I will be out watering again. All the rain we have had this summer has been great as it has freed me up a bit by not having to water, though of course in Queensland and parts of my state, Victoria, that have suffered severe flooding, the rain became a nuisance and that's putting it mildly. We are on tank water here, so even though sometimes we can get too much of it, we appreciate it when it does rain, it's very expensive to buy a tanker of water, which we have had to do many times in summers past. Our dam is so full at the moment that my husband had to dig a channel to let some of the water run off as there was the real worry that the back of the dam wall would collapse. Some time ago the weather forecasters said that this would be a very wet summer here in Australia, well they sure have been right so far and what a blessing it's been for me anyway as I wilt in the heat. I much prefer the winter, but, no doubt as our summer still has a few months left to go, the hot days will still be plentiful. There has been no more news from the estate agent, it really is a waiting game, anyway I'm sure it's too jolly hot for people to be out looking at houses. They would have to be really keen. When I walked out of work this afternoon, I raced to the car and turned  the aircon flat out and as soon as I got home I started the  air conditioners going, so I might just kick back, stretch out on the couch with a book that need to be finished before the library sends me a nasty letter. Oh, and maybe a nice cold drink as well. Take care...

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