Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Another couple came through to look at our property today. Agent said they just loved everything. She wanted fruit trees, he wanted good shedding, well we have all of that and more, throw in a couple of hundred olive trees, a few hundred roses (I'm not lying) and a few hundred native trees and it's all here. We really want someone that will love the garden as much as we do, because we planted everything that is here when we moved in and it is all established now and is just beautiful, especially when the roses are out as a lot of them are now. It's a bit daunting when anyone first sees our garden as they think it must take a great deal of work, but it doesn't, apart from the mowing which does take a bit of time as we have quite large lawn areas, the garden itself is well mulched and I would be lucky if I need to spend an hour out here a week.The agent is very hopefull with this couple. We will keep our fingers crossed. Bye for now.

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