Monday, January 31, 2011

A wombat called Tilly

G'day. Well it's another very hot day in parts of the land down under. At the moment it is 43 degrees outside and the wind is blowing which makes it worse. I guess it's nothing compared to the massive cyclone that is heading towards Queensland. As if they haven't had enough problems up there with the terrible floods that resulted in many people losing their lives and the damage that has been done to homes and properties. It must be hard to pick yourself up after something like that and now to know that what they are calling a "Super Cyclone" is heading your way. But, us Aussies are known for being tough and pulling together in trying times. The picture is of a gorgeous little wombat called Tilly, a friend is a wombat carer and this little girl is only about two months old, her mother died after being hit by a car. I didn't want to let her go, shortly after this photo was taken she snuggled in and went to sleep on my lap.She will be looked after for quite some time and is then allowed to come and go as she pleases, at some stage she will wander off and make a life in the bush for herself. I must admit that wombats are one of my favourite native animals that we have here in Oz.We have a rather large full grown one that we see sometimes, though it hasn't been around for a while and this morning while I was going for my early morning walk before getting ready to go to work I saw a young kangaroo hopping along in one of the paddocks. We are quite some distance out of town, so it's not unusual for us to see the wildlife, there are quite a few kangaroos around here at the moment, they are not much fun if they get in my garden and wreck havoc though, but it's always great to see them in the paddocks.  Take care....

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