Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Raining on the Rock

G'day. Well the biggest cyclone to hit our coast up Queensland way has lost some of it's strength after it crossed land, but, it still packs a punch nontheless. They are saying now that it's headed towards Alice Springs, famous for Uluru (Ayres Rock) so yes, at some stage it will be raining on the Rock. We have felt some of the after affects of this cyclone down here in Victoria as well and are expected to get more rain over the next three days, we don't normally get any residue from cyclones that hit up north, but, this wasn't and isn't just any old cyclone, it's the biggest they come. Well, the rain for us here on our property is welcome, though we had really bad winds last night, we get the wind here on a continual basis, nothing to do with cyclones, we are just in a windy area and that's always a worry as sometimes if there are trees down across the road it can be a real nuisance as we only have one way in and or out. Even with the rain it's still very humid, temperature is expected to be in the mid thirties today, guess that's better than the mid 40's it got to a few days ago. No news on the selling of the property, have contacted the agent via email to see if any of the prospective people she has brought through have made any decisions yet!!! So we keep patiently waiting, waiting etc. It's still looks good here as the grass is still a bit on the green side because of all the rain and the garden still has a lot of flowers in bloom, especially the roses, they have done very well and continue to prosper. The natives trees and bushes always look good with their greenery and some still have flowers as well. Oh well, unlike Cyclone Yasi, I have run out of puff. Bye for now...

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