Saturday, February 19, 2011

Break open the champagne.

Well, it seems like we have finally done it. Yes, the property has been sold, though I should say that a offer was put in and we have accepted it. Of course there is a three day cooling off period and it is subject to a building inspection etc, etc and finance for the purchasers, but, it is all looking good. The agent rang yesterday morning at 9.30am and asked could she bring a couple through at 11.00am, so it was rush, rush to make sure it all looked ok and as we were driving down our road they were coming up and they have such a little car and the road had washed away in parts from the extremely heavy rain through the night and my husband said "We won't hear from them again when they see the road over the creek" Well, guess what? The agent rang at 6.00pm and said she was on her way up to us with a offer that was too good to refuse. The agent was smart and guessed their interest and told them about the other woman that was coming today and was expected to put a offer in and they decided they didn't want to lose it and the rest is history so to speak. All going well, we have a two month settlement and we will have to get out act into gear as we have so much here to be moved, especially in the machinery shed which will be hubby's problem. Funny thing is, the agent said she was showing them another property in another area half an hour away and they didn't like that one and she suggested to them about looking at our's and they said they hadn't considered going that far out, but she perservered and said they really should see our's and so they said "why not" and they loved it, so thank goodness for a smart agent. I shall miss the garden as we have built it up from nothing over the years we have lived here, but as anything this size it does require a lot of work, so it will be nice to just have a small garden to potter in. We had already looked at a lovely house in town, with a great secure backyard which is a must for our little dog as he is used to having hundreds of acrea's to run in, huge shed, which is a must for hubby. Gorgeous low maintenance gardens, close to my work and to hubby's, close to the shops etc. All in all, it should work out just fine. Take care.

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