Thursday, February 24, 2011

In my garden

G'day. In my garden there is always something to do, be it small or big I can without fail find something to keep me occupied for as long or as little as I like. Today is my day off work. I am fortunate that I always have  a long weekend. Today  is usually my sewing day, but this morning I have been in my garden, weeding, pruning, tidying things up in general. I am determined that we will not leave this garden in a state of disrepair for the new owners (providing they get finance of course) Even though settlement day is some time off yet, the garden needs to be kept in check until that time. Hubby said last night that it will be nice to have this coming weekend free from doing anything around here to keep it presentable for future buyers and that he would spend the weekend inside being lazy and free from all outside duties, but, I bet that won't happen, as it has never happened yet, except the one time when he was not well with a bad case of flu and "HELLO", we are on a farm here, does he expect me to see to things while he is having this carefree weekend? I forgot to ask him that. Maybe he means once farm duties are done. I will discuss this matter with him later. Hubby can not sit still for long periods of time, he likes to be out doing things and as he is a classic car buff and we have two classic beauties, one in the stages of being restored and that he usually fiddles with to some extent each chance he gets, it will be interesting if he keeps his word and really does stay in.  Anyway I  have decided that I will be mowing tomorrow, not riding around on a quad bike checking fences, water troughs , cattle etc.With all the rain we have had this summer the grass grows before your eyes, so bright and early in the morning I will have the ride on at full throttle and be off hurtling around while hubby sits with he feet up!!! I don't know what he intends to do inside all weekend, though he does like to read and or watch fishing shows or perhaps he will volunteer to do all the housework. Yeah, right.  I don't like my chances of that happening. Oh well, time will tell. The pictured rose is called Zephryine Drouin and when in full bloom is just spectactular and the good thing about this rose is that it is thornless. When we move I will find somewhere to place an arch and will buy two more of these climbing roses, they really are beautiful. Of all the roses we have here and believe me there are many, this one would get the most comments from visitors. Take care...

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