Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A sad day for New Zealand.

This pic is looking down towards the gorgeous town of Akaroa on the South Island of New Zealand. My husband and I went to NZ  two years ago to celebrate a anniversary. It was my first time there, though the third time for hubby who had been over there for a couple of car club conventions. It is truly a spectacular country. We travelled both South and North Islands and saw scenery that was breathtaking. My memories of Christchurch ( where the earthquake hit )  are of a lovely city with a beautiful river running through it, old heritage buildings, amazing gardens and very friendly people. Christchurch was hit by a earthquake only last September and now to have this one happen with so many lost lives and such horrific damage must surely be so heartbreaking for them. No doubt we will hear a lot more of this over the next number of days and will hear stories of courage and also stories of  despair and saddness. My thoughts are with anyone connected in anyway to this blow by Mother Nature. Us Aussies are known for our fighting spirit and I am pretty sure New Zealanders could equal us in that regard. Take care...

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