Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nice to feel wanted

G'day. I had a phone call yesterday from a former boss of mine. We have kept in touch since I left his employ some years ago now and have remained firm friends. He rang to ask me, would I consider a position working for him again as he needed someone with good communication skills. It would mean leaving my job that I have had now for the last seven years and which is only twenty minutes from our property here and either driving into the city every day which is a good two hours away or getting the train backwards and forwards. The money would be very good etc, etc and it would be different than what I have normaly done. After much soul searching last night and talking it over with my husband, I reluctantly decided that I couldn't do it. My decision was based on a number of things to consider, but, was sad to let a good opportunity go. I rang him this morning to say "Thank you for thinking of me, but that I have to pass this time". I was touched that he thought enough of me and my skills to offer me this position out of the blue and he said that if ever I was looking for a new job, to contact him and he would find me one. The value of good friendships like this mean a lot to me and I am lucky that I have many such friendships, they may not all offer me a new job, but, they are all of great importance in the scheme of things. The picture is of our beautiful little dog "Lucky" He was an abandoned dog and we have had him now for nearly four years, this was taken on our property one very cold morning and as you can see he has his oilskin coat on. He loves riding around on the quad bike with my husband, but, whenever I am on the bike he doesn't jump up to go with me. Is he telling me something I don't know, am I not a good driver of it? He is used to being on it everyday with my other half, but I don't think he trusts my driving!!! No news on the house front, though the lady who was here for two and a half hours the other day, is coming back on Sunday and tomorrow I am going to annoy another house seller and traipse around her place. Take care.

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