Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucky's on the poop deck.

G'day. This is another picture of our lovely dog. He really likes to come out in the boat with us and my husband bought him a PFD, which translated means a Dog Floatation Device. When the boat is moving he loves to stand up on the front, with the wind in his hair and his jowls flapping madly, he is always tethered by a lead in case in his joy he gets a bit close to the edge. When the boat is stopped, which means we are fishing, he will lay under the front and sleep, as he considers that the boring part of the trip. Of course he is "First Mate", hubby is "Captain" and I am just "Crew" Sadly we don't get to take the boat out very often as we live a few hours away from the water, but it always an adventure when we do. I might add that I am a dab hand at catching fish and can sometimes catch more than the captain. I should also point out that we always put the fish back and take care when we do. We have had a lot of comments from fellow fisher people about Lucky in his life jacket. He really does look so cute. Take care.

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