Friday, February 4, 2011

There is a road under all that water and It's raining,thanks to Cyclone Yasi.

G'day. Well they said we would get rain down here in North Central Victoria from Cyclone Yasi and boy are they right, it is just bucketing down and the wind with it is terrible, we have had trees down on our property and on our road, our creek below the property is filling with water which in itself is not good at this time because it will flood out over the road and we will be stuck here. We had this happen a few weeks ago (as in the picture) the water was roaring across the road and we couldn't get across it, we only have one way in /out here and something like this happening can maroon us, though as always it could be worse, we are safe and well at any rate. Were suppose to have two seperate couple come and inspect the property this morning, well needless to say they have both cancelled  and just as well, I wouldn't like to be going out in this weather. We will bunker down today and try to keep dry. Take care...

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