Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

G'day. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope it's a good one for everyone. We usually just have a quiet one, no different from any other day, though we always remember to wish each other "Happy Valentines Day" and sometimes my husband will bring me home a bunch of flowers or sometimes not, if he forgets. It never worries me if that's the case. We will have a nice evening meal though and a glass or two of wine. We have even gone out for dinner a few times in the past, but usually it's a quiet night at home as we both have to get up early in the morning for work. Nothing happening on the property selling front yet, though we are hopeful that the lady who spent so much time here the other week and who wants to come back one night this week to "measure up" for furniture etc, may put an offer in.We have our fingers crossed and for that matter everything else crossed. The novely has worn off keeping the house spotless all the time, hard also to make sure nothing is out of place before I go to work of a morning, in case the agent turns up through the day while we are out and of course the garden and the grounds have to look their most glorious also.Oh well, we live in hope.The Rueben statue that nestles in the French Lavender was a goodbye gift from my former workmates some years ago. I remember them all fondly each time I look at it. This area of the garden is what I call my "Cottage Garden", though a little unkempt at the moment, it is just beautiful. I hope to recreate something similar in our new home one day. Take care.

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