Saturday, February 5, 2011

A beautiful day.

Well, after such a dreadful day yesterday weather wise, today the sun is shining, the sky is a lovely shade of blue with just the odd white fluffy clouds, the wind is blowing slightly and it's just a bit on the fresh side and guess what! Nobody wants to come and look at our property, what's wrong with these people? Yesterday there were two seperate couples wanted to have a look around on the worst day possible, thankfully both cancelled, but, today when it's just perfect they are nowhere to be seen. Yes, it's Sunday here, but estate agents will work on Sunday if they have too and our one has assured us that she will do just that if it means bringing a prospective buyer along for the ride. More bad weather is expected early in the week and you can bet your boots that those will be the days when they will want to come traipesing through. I have a good mind to book a inspection myself on one of those bad days, there are a few places in town here that have recently come on the market and just maybe I will go and traipse around someone else's home for the heck of it. Take care.

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